Pressure Pressure

I just got an extension for my dance assignment.

It’s still gonna be hard to get it done but I reckon I can do it.

It will probably involve a lot of pulled muscles, arguments and probably a broken bone, but IT SHALL BE DONE!!

I’m just watching another group do their dance to a High School Musical soundtrack. I worry about people sometimes…

As you can tell from this and my last post, my blog will be full of assignment and school complaints. I hope you enjoy reading about my woes.


English Orals

That horrible moment, when you get an English oral.

BUT its not any ordinary English oral. Its A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And you don’t just have to READ it, you have to memorize and act out a section of the play.

And then your partner selects a scene in which you are hopelessly in love in love with her.

Why did I agree to do this scene? Why did I agree to do the play with my partner, a budding, talented actress?

Why is said budding talented actress away sick? Why do I suck at memorizing things?

Well… at least I’ll go down in style.

My baes

Well lets see…

My friends and I have all made blogs, because I don’t know… We just have.

Tiger-lily: She is one of the first friends I made at my new school. She has always been there for me and just one of the best people to hang with. I almost never fight with her because… I don’t know to be honest. We just don’t fight. But anyway she is something precious.

Santa: Her code name is Santa because the letter rearranged spells Satan. Santa was also a new student this year and is super cool. We got off to a shaky start with friend groups and what-not but in the end we became even better friends.

Torta: For those uncultured swines who don’t speak Italian, Torta is the Italian word for cake. Torta has been my friend since Kinda and my best friend since year 4 or something. Like with Santa, Torta and I have had some really big fights but we always figure it out.

And me, Dumpling: I’m gonna get Tiger-lily to write about me.

“dumpling is one of the best friends i could ever ask for she is funny, pretty and really kind. I wouldn’t change a thing about her.”